The Treaty Oak itself is a majestic Live Oak over 500 years old located in downtown Austin. Its name and history were derived from a legend stating that Stephen F. Austin signed a boundary treaty with local Native Americans beneath its shade. The legendary oak has become a symbol of strength, longevity and pride for all Texans.

The unwavering Treaty Oak sets a high standard, the same standard we use to produce Treaty Oak Platinum Rum. Our rum was created with three important principles in mind:

  • Make a superb silver rum that could compete not only with the best rums, but also with the best vodkas.
  • Use only Texas ingredients.
  • Make our rum by hand and from scratch.

While these ideals may seem very simple, we are proud to say that we are Texas’ first & only distillery to both brew and distill our spirit. For that matter, we are one of very few micro-distilleries in the United States that adhere to this labor-intensive production method. Simply put, we believe controlling all aspects of production results in a superior quality spirit.

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